Toni Favors

"Never limit your experiences by other people’s limited imaginations. Evaluate, Explore, Experience and Embrace the world for yourself!"

     As a young child I had a desire to do many of the things I witnessed on television or at the movies. Although I had a very happy life, I never saw some of the clubs, classes or courses I saw on television in my community. Needless to say, they were not available! What I was exposed to was what I understood. What I was not exposed to, left me with a desire to do more, have more and be more. My dreams were limited to my exposure. Now that I have the opportunity to impact the lives of others, I want to pay it forward by providing experiences, resources and opportunities to inspire youth to realize their true potential. 

My goal is to make a difference in the lives of others as we explore ways to expand our experiences. While a textbook, technology or a teacher can easily expose students to what life was like during a particular time period, it's nothing like visiting a cultural exhibit that lets students experience it first-hand. I cannot explain the feeling I felt when I saw the beam in my students’ eyes when I, along with a group of fellow teachers took a group of students to Stone Mountain Park on a field-trip. Some of whom had never seen a mountain before, let alone climbed one. That was when I found my passion, to inspire student learning through experiential learning, exposure and traveling around the world. When students are offered the opportunity to experience learning on a personal level through hands on activities, they absorb and embrace the information much faster and are equipped to make decisions that add personal value to their lives.

Mentorship is essential to the preparation for success in education, careers, sports, leadership and life. I always believed that if I had a mentor or mentorship program available to me, I would have made different or better choices in many areas of my life. Not choices based on limited information, emotions or desperation. Yes, I do know that there are times when choices are made using the aforementioned; however, with the appropriate guidance, our options are clearer. My desire is to help young people navigate through the preteen and teen development years as they experience their personal journeys. I choose to be an example of what is possible when you are exposed to the benefits and the importance of positive self-image, making responsible choices, respect for self and others to create or expand a life vision.

As a wife, mother and grandmother, I am honored to say that my family has been the catalyst of love, growth and inspiration for this work. Without them I could not make it all work. I truly do believe that to whom much is given, much is required.



abundantfavorsfoundation.org   |  2890 GA Hwy. 212 Suite A-122 Conyers GA 30094


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